What is Concertina Coil, its specification & installing procedure?

concertina coil

Concertina Coil or concertina razor barbed tape is truly outstanding and reliable wire fencing for security reason which is made of a Hot-dipped galvanized sheet. It is helpful for every one of those areas where high security and unapproved entry is restricted, for example, Airport, defense, border, security, and industries. It is deliberately given over the wall in this way if a man attempt to go through will harm or can’t traverse. For the most part concertina loop joined to sharp razor is given over the divider or wall with flat wires, no less than 2.5 meters over the current ground level to make it troublesome for a man or creature to traverse effortlessly.


Estimate (Diameter): 450 mm to 1050 mm (can be made according to the necessity – check with the producer’s concertina loop detail)

Punched Tape Concertina Coils length: Around 8 to 10 running meter

Material: Hot dip GI Wire (spring center)

Thickness of Taped punch (Razor): 50 mm – it might change with producer particular


  • First, check the concertina loop material and guarantee no rust and harm. Additionally precisely check the nature of razor barbed tape and ensure there is no cut, curve or turn.
  • Generally, concertina coil wires are made of high tensile strength in this manner It ought not to be cut with help of pliers.
  • Straight wire ought to be tightened to help gave on the divider where concertina loop to be laid.
  • The straight wire should be fixed and clamped appropriately with the help.
  • Concertina coil should be settled appropriately on the help and guarantee proper alignment. However, concertina coil should not be clamped loosely otherwise it will hang at a portion of the areas because of self-weight.
  • Fencing Coil support span ought not to be more than 5 meters.

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