8 Important Steps of Installing Razor Wire

razor wire

A Razor Wire Installation process provides the perfect security to your property or region with the best security solution. Each & Every living organism wants safety for his area to stay.

Razor Wire Installation

Before the process of razor wire installation, always use work gloves to protect your hands. Gloves with reinforced palms are perfect to help protect your hands when holding the concertina wire. Here are the steps of installing razor wire:-


razor wire installation step 1STEP 1

Decide the number of rolls utilized as a part of each stage or segment of fencing, this relies on the kind of razor wire is chosen, as each roll can reach from 8 to 15 feet away, is a thing must consider very important.



razor wire installation step 2


Place on rolls of razor wire fence, holding the primary post at the base and top.




razor wire installation step 3STEP 3

In the wake of setting the roll on the pole razor wire where to install, it is important to set the upper and lower pole clamp, in order to be subject to the concertina.



razor wire installation step 4STEP 4

Once the razor wire subject to the post, the following stage will fix the upper wire (now can be put barbed wire o concertina CT 10 o concertina CT 22) and that these remain situated horizontally and parallel to the base of the fence, utilizing the wire tensioner. Once done, then do again with the rest of the wires.


razor wire installation step 5STEP 5

Once tensioned wires, and utilizing these as clamping the razor wire, you should appropriate rolls concertina at a separation of 6 to 10 meters apart.





razor wire installation step 6STEP 6

Dispensed razor wire rolls grasp the tip start of the roll between the barbed wire & clamp.




razor wire installation step 7STEP 7

Once now, convey the razor wire each 25 cm, once a roll has arrived at an end, you should hold the last part of the primary roll with the purpose of start of the second, so that there is no space of border revealed, this is important, since it can be a simple purpose of exceeding our fence and our installation will not be helped.


razor wire installation step 8STEP 8

With razor wire rolls distributed along the fence. To be totally still and no movement is occurring, we hold the concertina fence around each 3 spiral.

This step is prescribed to utilize galvanized wire, as it is more manageable and toughness is substantially higher.

After these 8 simple steps, we have installed our razor wire fencing!!

razor wire inatallation

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