Concertina coil Vs Barbed wire

concertina coil vs barbed wire

Concertina coil Vs Barbed wire

Concertina Coil: Concertina coil has been utilized as a part of high-security areas, for example, borders, air terminals, railway stations and so forth however generally it has increased extraordinary popularity and is currently utilized as a part of all manufacturing businesses to prevent encroachment and subsequent thefts. Because of the structure of the coil, encroachment is extremely troublesome and adds extraordinary wellbeing to your property.


  • Weightless subsequently can be effortlessly transported in field for installation
  • Consumes lesser length for a similar region of fencing when compared with the regular kind barbed wire
  • Give perfect and viable obstacles against conceivable intrusion by men or wild animals
  • Strong in construction, simple and economical in installation utilize.
  • It has around 160 barbs for each running meters which is three times that of conventional barbed wire.
  • Security fencing is profoundly effective and thus is extremely hard to traverse.


  • Viable technique for fencing which prevents passage of intruders and wild creatures.
  • Durable and can be adjusted, broadened, moved and re-erected starting with one place then onto the next with a negligible loss of materials and work.
  • Simple installation and aesthetic Appearance.
  • Great service life and Fine Quality.
  • Corrosion Resistant.

Common Applications

  • Railway Stations, Airport Security.
  • Military Security, Border Security.
  • Restricted areas like Nuclear Plants.
  • Oil Refineries, Thermal plants
  • Research Organizations.
  • Automobile companies
  • General Fencing – Household Fencing etc.

Barbed Wire

  • barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire developed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand.
  • It is also a major feature of the fortifications in trench fighting (as a wire obstacle).
  • A man or creature trying to go through or over barbed wire will endure inconvenience and possibly injury.


  • Barbed wire fencing requires just fence posts, wire, and settling devices, for example, staples.
  • It is easy to develop and quick to erect, even by an untalented individual.
  • Barbed wire was the main wire innovation equipped for controlling cattle.
  • Barbed Wire fences were less expensive and simpler to erect than their alternatives.


  • barbed wire plays an important role in the protection of range rights in the forest land.
  • it could be effectively supplanted, and its structure included so much open space.
  • Accommodates basic fencing applications like securing a range or for keeping away cattle.
  • The spiked metal can likewise be utilized as a part of a blend with high-security fencing like Anti-climb mesh as a topping in order to provide better security cover.

Common Application

  • The barbed wire gives an option support to meeting the fencing needs particularly in territories where fencing is required on a temporary basis for applications including for storage, security, crowd control and in addition for theft deterrence applications.
  • These are additionally utilized at development destinations, for making parking areas and in addition to securing emergency/disaster relief sites.

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