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concertina coil manufacturer

Concertina Coil Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Concertina Coil or concertina razor barbed tape is really a great and reliable wire for the area where high security is required. It is made of a Hot-dipped galvanized sheet. It is helpful for every one of those regions where security and unapproved entry of animals or a person is restricted, for instance, Airport, defense, border, military camps, and industries. It is purposely given over the wall in this way that if a person effort to go through concertina coil will harm or can’t pass through this wire. For the most part concertina loop joined to sharp razor is given over the wall with flat wires, no smaller than 2.5 meters over the current ground level to make it difficult for an individual or creature to go over easily.

Features of Concertina Coil

  • lightweight and hence can be easily carried from one place to another
  • If you compare this wire with the barbed wire of regular variety you will see that it occupies a smaller area.
  • The wire is designed in such a way that no person or animals can go through it. Only professional equipment can cut these wires. Well built wire
  • Simple to install
  • Inexpensive product
  • There are 160 barbs per running meter. Much higher than the barbed wire of regular variety.
  • Highly successful and prevents crossover.

Applications of Concertina Coil

The diameter of concertina coil: Diameter of the concertina (400 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 750 mm, 900 mm) is selected for each object individually. It is the main parameters.

The number of turns in concertina: Number of turns in the concertina can be from 31 to 61. The lesser the turns – the concertina easier install, convenient to work with it during installation, but more often have to connect the concertina, and each connection – a place of potential liability.

The length of the razor wire concertina coil stretch: The length of the concertina coil extend, is the separation between the continuous loops, which is announced by dealers in the price records, regularly varies from reality. The most extreme separation between the turns of the winding ought to be close to 390 mm. Otherwise, it leads to an expansion in distance between the coils, diminishing the rigidity nature of the Concertina, Razor tape losing its defensive properties, and thusly to a distortion of making a superior line of defense.

We, Sai Wire Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd, A leading Concertina Coil manufacturer & supplier based in Munkda having more than 12 years of experience in this industry with more than 50 trained workers. We, concertina coil manufacturer also supply our products to Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gujarat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Ghaziabad.

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