Know shocking facts about Line of Control (LOC)?

LOC with Concertina wire

The line of control is an obstruction which comprises of fencing and concertina wire (like vast coils) which is 8-12 feet high, electrified and associated with a network of movement sensors, thermal imaging devices, lighting systems and alarms in order to give a signal in the event that somebody sneak in.

When you visit the airport, army cantonments or are in the border region, you will see that Concertina Coil has been utilized. Because of its powerful reputation, this wire has gradually picked up popularity throughout the years. Indeed these days you will discover them in industrial units, distribution centers, manufacturing and generation houses as they limit the rate of encroachment and subsequent theft. Concertina Wire can be easily converted into military style wires by using plain barbed wires with steel pickets.

Features of Concertina Coil

  • Lightweight and hence can be easily carried from one place to another
  • Occupies lesser area.
  • No animals or humans can enter your property. One needs special tools to cut through the wires. Regular wire cutting tools are rendered ineffective.
  • Well manufactured wire
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive product
  • Highly effective and prevents crossover.


  • Best quality makes sure durability
  • Long lasting
  • Easily modify, extend, shift and re-erect the wire from one place to another with negligible effort and at low cost.
  • Does not corrode simply

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