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Razor Blade Wire

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razor blade wireRazor blade wires are known to fulfil customer prerequisites all over the Indian subcontinent. A razor blade wire is basically a thread of wire having extreme tensile strength. It, additionally, has a tape of metal that has been specifically contorted with the help of barbs: this tape is stuck firmly to the strand of wire. The tape used for manufacturing this razor blade wire is galvanized with the assistance of a layer of zinc and also a core thread that has also been coated with zinc and, thus, galvanized. This razor blade wire is used in two variations - the first being unclipped and the second being clipped.
The latter is of the concertina type. The diameter of the coils varies from three hundred millimetres to up to one thousand and fifty millimetres. Razor blade wires of the concertina kind are created using central core strands of wire having extreme tensile strength. It is around this thread of wire that the steel tape is crimped. The consequence is the creation of razor blade wires that are almost impossible to cut through. Coils of steel are used for the reinforcement of these blade wires and thus are very difficult to manipulate. This is also due to the gripping and biting mechanism of the accompanying barbs. Thus, the razor blade wires cannot be altered or weakened without the assistance of extremely professional equipment.

The razor blade wires are crafted carefully to maintain the consistency of the product and make sure that they pass the various tests of durability. Nothing less than the most top notch and reliable stainless steel is used for the production of razor blade wires. You can easily trust upon these razor blade wires for their durability. These products are manufactured in such a way that they are bound to last long and be of good use to you.

Developed from premium quality material, these razor blade wires are immune to factors like corrosion, moreover contributing to their reliability. Widely available, you will find different shapes and sizes to choose from. This meets the individual needs of every customer and caters to security facilities - effective protection is provided by razor blade wires and that is the reason why those specializing in security trust it so much. The best part is that these are cost effective and will not drill a hole in your pocket.

The razor blade wires are designed in such a way that they can abide by the norms and rules of the industry and market. These razor blade wires are engineered to perfection. They are tested thoroughly to ensure that there is no overlooking of defects or faults and that the razor blade wires have utmost precision and quality. These can then be purchased according to personal specifications of the buyer at an affordable cost.

Sai Wire Manufacturing Pvt. Ltd. is one of the companies that provide razor blade wires all over India. Their Razor blade wires are of high end quality but not high maintenance - they can be easily sustained over a long period of time. They are concisely created so, clearly, a lot of thought goes into the product.

Now you surely know where to go when you need razor blade wires!

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